You’ll find everything you need to know about getting started in one of the leagues below. Can’t find an answer to a question? Please contact us at your convenience.


What is JomAktif Tennis?

Tennis JomAktif is a sports for all initiative to connect players of all levels through competitive leagues and seasons.

What tennis competitions are offered?

We are focused on leagues at all levels but will be hosted rating based tournaments as well.


Following are some FAQ related to player rating and rankings.

I’m worried about my standard!

Don’t be. The league is open to everyone. We divide players into groups of the same ability so you only play people of your standard. Over time, we will maintain a database of players according to their NTRP rating so that you don’t play against players you shouldn’t play against.

How are players rated?

We are adapting the NTRP rating guidelines. Read more about it here.


Depending on the league you are joining, your rating could be self-assessed OR assessed by your coaches, fellow players or during an assessment session. Once you have officially joined a league. Our system will maintain your rating which can be adjusted upwards or downwards according to your match performances.


How to REGISTER FOR our Tennis Leagues?

Do check our website for upcoming league registrations which can be completed online. If no league is currently open for registration, be sure to sign up for our newsletters so that we can email you updates.

Who can join our Tennis Leagues?

Everyone including non-Malaysians or visiting tourists.

Where will these Leagues be held?

We are focused on Malaysia. For starters they will begin in Kuala Lumpur but if you would like to work with us to bring a league to your state or region, please contact us and we will get you started.

How many LEAGUES are there PER YEAR?

We aim to host 2-3 leagues per year.

How much does it cost to join a league?

We try to keep the league fees as minimal as possible so that you can enjoy as much competitive tennis as posible. Typical adult league fees are around RM100 per team for a 3 month long league.

Does the entry fee cover the cost of the courts?

Adult Leagues: Sorry but no! We try to keep the adult league fee as minimal as possible. Adult league fee is intended to cover administration costs, medals and support for our youth/school leagues.

Youth/School Leagues: Costs will be kept at a minimum to encourage school children at all levels to participate in competitive tennis leagues and matches.

Mini-Tennis: The fee is inclusive of courts, balls, net, umpires.

Who books the courts?

The home team is responsible to book and pay for the courts as host to the visiting team. Unless previous agreed upon, host team may not impose a court fee to the visiting team.

PLaces of worship.

If your home venues happens to be in a place of worship (mosque, church or temple), the visiting team may request the match to be help at a neutral non-religious tennis venue.

How do teams report scores?

Team Captains will be able to submit scores and match results to our whatsapp groups using printable score sheets which both captains need to sign.

Respective league managers will be able to assist as well. Either way, we will acknowledge the score and post it to our website.

What happens when the round finishes?

Winners in each group are promoted in the next round and losers may be demoted. Other players may go up or down according to past performance and the overall number of players playing. Please note, as numbers always fluctate from round to round, the groups are not necessarily comparable between rounds and as players come and go, this is not a strict ladder.

What is the TEAM league format?

Teams will play home and away. Each home or away match consists of 1x Singles and 2x Doubles.

What is a team league match format?

Single set only. Singles or doubles the set a player must win 6 games by 2 or more. A deciding tie break if its ends up 6-6 where players play first to 7 points.

How many players may sign up for a team.

A team may register a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 players per team. Every player’s name will be listed on the teams page on our website. One player may not play more than 2x match per fixture.

When and where are matches played?

A league fixtures table will be released for a league. Captains of respective teams will need to communicate to arrange and if needed, reschedule, matches at a mutually convenient time and place. If a match can’t be played on the designated day, teams have 7 days to conclude the match.

How many matches will we play in a league?

We home and away matches and potentially 6-8 teams per league, you will be playing between 10-14 matches over the course of a league.

How do I know who I will be playing?

A detailed fixtures table will be published on our website.